Frequently Asked Questions

Are our design consultations, quotes, and furniture moving really free?

Absolutely! No hidden costs anywhere, and no pressure or obligation at any time. We can break up quotes so you can see what the difference would be to do different areas of your home. You can also check out samples Free for 24 hours as well.

Is luxury vinyl flooring considered an upgrade?

Yes, no doubt about it. LVP or luxury vinyl plank, LVT or luxury vinyl tile, WPC or wood plastic composite, SPC or stone plastic composite are not only a great investment for resale, but these new waterproof floors are the most durable and realistic looking and feeling floors on the market. They are the evolution of the laminate flooring industry with vast improvement. These floors are designed to be lived on and are very low maintenance.

Can I install hardwood flooring in my kitchen and bathroom?

You can, in fact we do it all the time and it performs better and is more comfortable than tile. With quality hardwood flooring the finishes have evolved and are more durable than ever, and of course, no grout lines to worry about. Hardwood is warmer than tile and more forgiving if you drop something on it.

Is carpeting a good choice for homes with pets?

Over the years carpet manufacturers have strived to improve the stain and crush resistance of their products. With innovations in proprietary carpet fibers and strands such as Mohawks Smart Strand and Shaw’s new Bellera with its patented spill proof backing, carpet could indeed be right for you. We are happy to discuss your lifestyle and expectations to help you decide if carpet is in fact your best choice.

Is engineered hardwood “real” hardwood?

The answer is yes, absolutely. The only difference between solid hardwood and engineered is that engineered hardwood is more structurally stable and will not expand and contract at the same level as solid wood. Engineered hardwood is sliced from the tree the same as solid wood, however, it has an added plywood base for dimensional stability.

Is your question still unanswered?

Call James & Diane for a free consultation and estimate! (916) 645-3535
Call James & Diane for a free consultation (916) 645-3535